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Our Story

Storyplace is a social journaling app launched in 2019 where people come together to share stories in community

A modern-day virtual bonfire where people worldwide connect with one another by sharing their thoughts, feelings, and reflections authentically.

Our community platform focuses on building trust and enhancing well-being by eliminating social media features damaging to mental health and focusing on those that help you feel safe.

How It

Express yourself

Express your honest thoughts, feelings, and stories in a safe space, with a community that appreciates authenticity and celebrates vulnerability. No writing experience necessary. If you need inspiration use our prompts and join our challenges.


Connect with a community

No scorekeeping, no judgment. This community focuses on empathy so you can safely step into your vulnerability. Join circles that interest you, explore stories and interact with others. Find a new peace, clarity, or inspiration by sharing your stories with others and learning about life through other people’s experiences.


Sharing is caring

As humans we have a need to process and understand our world and our existence. Journaling is an easy and effective way to process your day to day. By doing it so in community, you also have the words and support of others to help you navigate.

How It

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Our Founder

Hear from our founder, Ivana de Maria, on how Storyplace plays a role in our society.


Become an ambassador.

Our community of ambassadors around the world:

  • Represent Storyplace in their city
  • Are the first to try out new features
  • Participate in calls and group chats
  • Suggest story topics and events
  • Host Storyplace events with their community

If you are interested in joining the family,
email us at: [email protected]



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