our Story


our Story

StoryPlace is a storytelling platform that aims to give a voice to ORDINARY PEOPLE with EXTRAORDINARY STORIES. 

Several social platforms are beloved for their aspects of story sharing, but we want to further this experience by encouraging people to engage further, think deeper, remove ego and share truth. We are all about EMPATHY. 

Our goal is to connect people through life anecdotes, using storytelling as the medium. We strive to create SOLIDARITY, PHILANTHROPY, CULTURE and CONNECTION.  

User’s stories are filtered and sorted by topics (eg. love, food, health, etc.) and are then sorted by more specific subtopics (eg. heartbreak, veganism, diabetes, etc). As the user, you can choose to see stories related to a specific topic or you can choose to simply explore all genres.

Even more exciting… All stories are pinned to the location of where the story took place (using a database created solely by StoryPlace). This allows the user to search stories by region, using an interactive map. With this factor, we aim to create a new approach to tourism based on local’s raw experiences. We call this STORY CULTURE. 

The communication element is highlighted with an option to "contact the storyteller" through a private StoryPlace inbox. This allows people to further connect with each other —  whether it is to show solidarity, to offer help in some way, or perhaps, even to turn a story into something bigger!

We encourage users to volunteer as a storyvoice. For example, sit down with locals during travels or strangers in your local areas, LISTEN to their stories, and become a voice for their story through the app. As we like to say it, take a story and #STORYPLACEIT

StoryPlace makes the ordinary, extraordinary… one story at a time.

So yeah... Thats our story. Whats yours?