our Story


our Story

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StoryPlace is an EGOLESS social platform that aims to give a voice to ORDINARY PEOPLE with EXTRAORDINARY STORIES through story-sharing.


Social media is at an all time high, yet empathy is at an all time deficit. At StoryPlace, it’s not about the selfie, it’s about the story. We want to take the ego out of the story and keep the focus on the story, not the person telling it. We want to remind people that everyone has a story to tell, and every story has a lesson to teach.

We’ve created a platform for sharing real life stories in a simplified written format of 1,000 words or less. The design is very user friendly and meant to NOT intimidate NON-writers.

All stories are filtered by topics (eg. love, food, health, etc.) and are pinned to the location of where the story took place. As the user, you can search for stories about a specific topic or in a specific location.

We aim to create STORY CULTURE, a new approach to tourism based on local peoples stories.

From a business standpoint, through our map, we are creating a database of real life geotagged stories, in other words a database of pure creativity, entirely owned by StoryPlace.

In addition to sharing your own stories, we encourage users to volunteer as a storyvoice for others people by INTERACTING with others, LISTENING to their stories, and voicing their story through the app. As we like to say it, take a story and #STORYPLACEIT

StoryPlace makes the ordinary, extraordinary… one story at a time.

So yeah... Thats our story. Whats yours?