The Story


The Story


Stories have the power to change lives and to change the way the world operates. Stories are the oldest form of education. They are the essence of everything we do and everything we know. 

Every single industry is based in some way on Storytelling. Whether it is music, film, writing, selling, marketing, healthcare, nonprofits, architecture or engineering, it is STORYTELLING that guides the way these industries operate. It is because of stories and through stories that we are able to make an impact within a market. 

There are thousands and millions of stories that have yet to be told. These stories are waiting to be told to those people who's lives they will change. 

StoryPlace aims to give a voice to those ORDINARY PEOPLE with EXTRAORDINARY STORIES. 

The goal is to connect lives through stories.

We will use storytelling as the powerful tool that it is, to create EMPATHY, SOLIDARITY, PHILANTHROPY, CULTURE and CONNECTION among other things. 

Storyplace with  is a storytelling platform that will be available in the form of a mobile app as well as a website.

The app  will have 4 major functions that will allow for the sharing and discovering of people's stories.

The stories will be filtered and sorted by topics. As the user you can choose to see stories related to a specific topic or you can choose to simply explore all topics.

You will also have the option to "contact storyteller" through a private storyplace inbox. This will allow people to actually connect with each other wether it is to show solidarity, to offer help in some way, or maybe to take their story and turn it into something bigger.

The TRAVEL part of the app/website is directed at travelers. The goal is to motivate people who are traveling to interact with locals in a more profound way. There will be an interactive map with pins of where stories are collected and links to the stories.

The goal is to create a tourism based on the stories of local people in different regions all over the world. An approach to tourism based not on the political history of a region but on the local story of the adorable coffeeshop owner, who may or may not be the most interesting man in the world.

We will motivate users to volunteer as a storyvoice. What it means is to sit down with locals during travels or strangers in your local areas, LISTEN to their stories, and become a voice for their story through the app, or as it will soon be said: Take the story and STORYPLACE IT

So yeah... Thats our story. Whats yours?